Technology is moving faster than ever, with innovation at every turn.  The end of life for one computer should mark the beginning of a different one.

What happens to the old, the deprecated, surplus equipment and returns?  If a device is obsolete to your company’s standard, we can give it a second life.  We convert inefficiency into opportunity.  We simply complex logistics and technical operations cost and simplify it.  We value re-use first, above anything else.

It’s the big picture of the global economy that we’re proud to contribute to.  Join us as we make a real impact through smarter reuse that serves the community, the environment, and the bottom line.

Are you a non-profit or small business that needs professional-use computers but can’t afford a fleet of expensive machines?  e360 offers quality refurbished laptops and desktops for a fraction of the cost.  e360 can provide individual computers or purchases in bulk to support your office.

Choose the computer to meet your needs:

Our computer inventory changes from month-to-month so we provide custom computer solutions in one of four tiers, shown below.  Pick a tier, pick a quantity, pick your software, and we will get it ready for you.

Price that fits you

Internet Basic
Affordable computer for everyday work
Email or browse the web
Linux Based OS
Open Source Free Software
Everything from Enterprise & more!
Perform any and all tasks
Linux or Windows OS
Any and all compatible software upon request

*Free shipping on all orders, plus a 30-day return policy.

**90-day minimum guaranteed warranty on all materials and workmanship, unless otherwise stated. 1-year extended warranties available!

Why e360?

Affordable: Many other resellers and computer reuse non-profits have eligibility requirements and have higher prices due to administrative overhead. e360’s efficiency means all organizations are eligible to purchase affordable computers.

Quality service: Every e360 computer comes meticulously refurbished.  We can install custom software to suit your needs.  If anything goes wrong, all our computers come warrantied, so you don’t need to worry.

Sustainable: Getting a computer from us means keeping it out of a landfill.  We are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing e-waste through reuse.

Where do we get Computers?

We work with global stewards of reuse.  Local, long term partnerships are what has given us the opportunity to innovate in this space.  Unique to our model, we profits share at an industry leading 30%.  Whether it’s one of our Fortune 500 partners like Best Buy or a local steward for recycling like eLoop, we can provide any service to meet your needs.  

We recover hidden value by reaching the end market with our proprietary, state of the art software built on heuristics only available through in-the-trenches experience.  Our data destruction services exceed all industry standards.  Support the community, the environment, and your bottom line.