Our Name

We are recommerce and reuse specialists that provide resources, access to channels and other outlets through which our affiliates can market and sell their products.  We possess a highly optimized operational process, a state of the art IT infrastructure, a strong and experienced business development team, and solid, trusting relationships with corporate suppliers, customers and partners.  Learn more.

Our Connections

We are seeking out other businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas because we feel strongly about supporting the local economy and would prefer to give our business to you.  We are passionate about what we do, and ideally want to partner with businesses that share that same passion and vision.

Our Beliefs

We believe that having successful business should never be incompatible with the protecting the environment and working sustainable future. We work tirelessly to promote and maintain a cleaner, sustainable environment by efficiently reusing and helping our partners recycle the waste associated with the disposal of portable electronic devices.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are over 33 billion dollars worth of unused cell phones lying idle.  We actively strive to collect these before they become a blight on our already fragile ecosystem.  We build innovative programs for collection and reuse with the goal to gather thousands mobile phones each month and repurpose them in new markets, preventing any immediate deleterious effects they may have on the environment.

Our Mission

  • Sustainability, efficiency and growth with the full cooperation of our partners.
  • Diversity, teamwork and loyalty; to create a workplace built from mutual espect and encouragement
  • Quality, passion, sacrifice and in order to achieve excellence through continuous and disciplined management of our operations
  • Innovation, imagination and the creation of a shared vision for the future

Our Transparency

We place a strong focus on corporate social responsibility as well as sustainability.  Our business culture involves going beyond mere compliance with the applicable laws that govern business and instead aims at making a positive impact in our community, our environment, our employees and our customers.